E-ly-sian (A-lee-se-ian) adj. 1. Blissful; delightful 2. Pertaining to or suggestive of Elysium.
E-ly-si-um (A-lee-se-um) n. 1. A place or condition of ideal happiness 2. The abode of the blessed.


This definition expresses not only what we desire for our clients, but how we want to operate our business on a daily basis.

Having been involved in construction for over 25 years, our main objective is to make the experience more enjoyable for all involved. It is our ultimate goal to minimize the impact of construction on our clients, and to create a healthy, rewarding and satisfying work environment for our employees.

The largest hurdle for any size construction project is lack of communication. This is easily avoided through daily updates to the client, and by working with only reputable and quality minded sub-contractors. We provide written change orders explaining the costs, and full scope of work or repairs necessary, for the inevitable changes that occur during any project. We also do regular monitoring and reporting of costs, and possible cost saving opportunities.

From the initial meeting with a new client, to the end of the project, our goal is to ensure guidance in the selection of architects, the assistance in obtaining the proper permits, and guaranteeing honest and complete estimates. We continue to work to obtain the best subcontractor bids (of both quality and price), assistance in the selection of materials, daily progress updates, the insistence of a clean job site, and concluding with our attention to detail in the finishes. Every aspect of the project has equal importance in achieving a satisfying end result. In this respect Elysian Contractors, Inc. excels.