We must be doing something right, take a look at what people are saying!

Tad K.

Carlsbad, CA

Katherine and her amazing team were instrumental in getting The Five Elements new commercial build out for our warehouse and showroom done on an accelerated schedule. She swooped in after another GC was failing and saved us a ton of money and was incredibly diligent and persistent in getting all the work done to our demanding specifications. Her ability to multitask, effectively communicate all the nuances of process and commitment to our project was incredible.

If you have ever wander through the shops on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach you will see examples of her work and her attention to detail. So, if you need a great contractor for any project, I highly advise you give Elysian Contractors all call.

Michael B.

San Diego, CA

I can't say enough good things about Katherine and her team at Elysian. My family has been working with Katherine for years - she has done commercial work with our business in El Cajon in 2014, did my sister's bathroom last year in Carmel Valley, and just recently finished a beautiful remodel on my bathroom in OB.

Katherine is extremely knowledgeable and has such extensive experience on projects that she always has a plan. With my recent bathroom remodel, we asked Katherine to help us replace and remodel some shoddy work that was done by an unlicensed contractor in 2007. When Katherine took a look at the bathroom she immediately noticed there was a problem with the plumbing that was causing a slow leak. She could have easily ignored it and made it a simple remodel but she knew that to do it right, we needed to rip out the floor and fix the plumbing problem. We were already on a tight budget to begin with, and the news of the plumbing issue almost killed our project.

Luckily, Katherine helped us comb through the budget and find a way to make it work. Even though I had just found out that I wasted $6K on the previous remodel in 2007, the fact that I now had Katherine managing the project put my mind completely at ease. She handled everything day-to-day, from little logistical problems that are guaranteed to come up, as well as making sure that every trade on her job delivered high-quality work that was built to specification and compliant with building code. I can't stress enough how important it is to use a licensed contractor that knows what they are doing. I don't know this stuff, but I'm glad I know someone who does. The end result was a beautiful and unique bathroom design that was delivered on time and under budget. I will continue to use Katherine for any construction projects for my home and business. I highly recommend her - she is the best.

Janet D.

Vero Beach, CA

Katherine from Elysian was very instrumental in helping me with lighting when I opened my boutique.She is a master with lighting. Whenever I call her she arrives promptly, pleasantly and ready to get done what's needed. All the while, be very courteous and mindful of my customers. I recommend her highly.

David F.

San Diego, CA

Katherine and her people did a super good job remodeling the outside as well as some inside work......she was very professional at all levels, great cleanup, on time, very communicative, super accommodating with my work schedule, and really kept the budget in line......any time there was a problem, she addressed head on......I would definitely use her again.....and she built my whole store on Cedros Ave as well!

Michaelyn W.

Rochester, MI

It was such a pleasure to work with Katherine from start to finish. She just completed a large remodel of our Solana Beach home, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the way it turned out. We have remodeled several homes, and built 2 custom, and Katherine is by far the best contractor that we have ever worked with. She is so knowledgeable about all aspects of building, and handled every unexpected surprise with confidence and expertise. This is the first project that I didn't have to micro-manage, I knew she was there ever day overseeing every aspect of construction. Our project was finished on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations. We would recommend Katherine to anyone who is looking for a professional top notch contractor. (Oh, and by the way top notch doesn't translate to top dollar like some other contractors out there) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Katherine for our beautiful home - we love it!!

David S.

Solana Beach, CA

I don't think I've ever had an encounter with a contractor who afterwards I couldn't find something to complain about. Katherine goes out of her way to make sure your happy every step of the way. Her level-headedness in the middle of problems is incredible. I honestly believe she's working to make your dream come true, not just to finish a job and get a paycheck. Ask around for her references and you'll see they all come back gushing about how awesome Katherine is. That is rare for a general contractor.